Two Masters

Satan offers us lust, while Jesus offers us his love.
Satan offers a free trip in the lake of fire forever.
Yet Jesus welcomes us to the Heavens above.
Satan whispers sweet lies in hopes to lead us astray.
Jesus tells us the truth in his word and explains he is
the light ,the truth and the way.
Satan works very hard to convience others that if
they join his army, they will win.
Jesus shows us the cross where he shed his blood so
us humans can be saved and forgiven of our sins.
Satan says come on just one drink, just one pill, one puff
or one sniff is all you need.
Jesus says go tell others about me and plant my seed.
Satan takes notes of the souls he steals weather it be
a daughter, a son, a loving husband or devoted wife.
Jesus needs no notes for he will remember your name
and it will be written in the lambs Book of Life.
Satan says go with me.
I can take you many places that only
my followers can see.
Jesus simply replies  "pick up thy cross and follow me".
Satan tricks you into giving him your soul.
Jesus gives us his commandments and wants us
to tell others about him no matter where we go.
It is written each of us will serve only one master
Jesus or Satan for there are only these two.
Choose wisely for once you have left this earth
there will be absolutely nothing left for you to do.

The "Love" of money

Money is one thing we all must have
in order to survive.
Yet we could actually do as our ancestors,
live off the land and wait on the Lord to provide.
It is not money, but the Love of money (1Timothy 6:10)
that is wrong.
It can bring temporary happiness, excitement,friends,
and the list just goes on.
When we have just alittle it makes us more pleasant
to be around.
When we don't have any, it makes us ill,all worried
and can easily bring us down.
It has a way of making everyones life better no doubt.
I don't believe there is no one no where that would
choose to be without.
But have you ever noticed the more we get
the more we want?
Often it can go to ones head and they often
look down on the folks that don't.
Look at America, considered the land
of milk and honey.
Yet now we are selling ourself out to forgein countries
and bringing in cheap labor "so the rich can save money".
What is happening to the land of the free
and the home of the brave?
If our ancestors could see the shape we are in
they would roll over in their grave.
Now days a brother will turn on a brother just
to make a dime.
Our newspapers are covered with articles relating to malice,
rage, violence and crime.
Money also plays a big roll in politics when it comes to
the canidates and all their promise's and lie's.
I believe myself that voting is allowed only to pacifi common
everyday people like you and i..
Did someone get paid to see prayer taken out of our schools?
God may be out voted as for as this world,
but make no mistake about it, he can change the rules!
The love of money will be the root of America's great fall.
May we somehow come together as a nation, love one another
more than money and ask God to have mercy on us all.

Frogs, who would have thought it?

Often in the morning i enjoy walking out and about on our small
simple farm a few miles from town.
I have discovered so many things remind me of Christ
as i sit watching all his creatures in the air and on the ground.
Everybody is hungry, the horses neigh, the dogs bark, the cat meows
and the goats whine.
After breakfast all quietens down and everyone is pretty well satisfied
until they began again at suppertime!
All the less this certain morning i decided to sit down beside our black plastic
fish pond and just inhale the morning air.
As i looked ,i looked again and seen two frogs that i thought was apparently a pair.
But the closer i got i realized it was actually a big frog carrying a little frog on it’s back
as it struggled to find a place to rest.
The strong willed little creature i must say was giving it, it’s best.
The little frog was holding on with all it’s might.
I can assure you this was an act of kindness as the bigger frog was beginning
to weaken in it’s struggle to stay afloat and fight.
When i seen these two frogs, i couldn’t help but think about us humans as being the little
frog holding on for dear life to survive yet totally worn out.
And of course the big frog reminded me of Christ carrying us when we get so tired.
We feel like giving up and our faith is weakened by doubt.
Of course God can carry us with out wavering as long as we choose to rely on him.
Unlike the big frog he doesn’t get tired at all.
He is our life saver to every problem we have no matter how big or how small.
As i reached and scooped the frogs out they both just rested in the palm
of my hand.
They were too tried to jump, and in some strange way i could understand.
I must say thank you God for allowing me too see you in the most unusual
things as well as in some pretty unusual ways.
May i grow constantly in my walk with you and may i always find you somewhere or see you in something every single day!

An Act of Love

As a young girl i must say there were some materialistic things i so called “loved”.
Cowboy boots, cowboy hats, sheepskin coats, belt buckles ,bandanas, my truck
and deerskin gloves.
Whenever i would get stuff to do with horses, longhorn bulls, and western things,
i guess you could say, it was like giving most girls a gold necklace or a
diamond ring.
But the older i have gotten i can truly say ,
my heart is filled with so much joy and peace when i take something i love and
give it away.
In my past life many things i had i only thought made me happy until i began
to let them go.
It all began a few years back when i wanted to get either a birthday present or
a little something special for someone i know.
I never seemed to have extra money so i started giving people something they had
seen that they really liked in my home.
And to be honest, afterwards i never even noticed it being gone.
It is never hard to give away the things we no longer like or need.
But when it is something you really want to keep for yourself yet you give it away
you realize it is an act of love and much greater than just a deed.
If you have never done this i challenge you to try it just one time.
I know you will discover true joy and an overpowering amount of peace that
in other ways you may not find.
Matt 5:43 through 48

To Seniors Everywhere

The time of year has came for all the Seniors to graduate high school.
I am sure they have all thought about what life is going to be like as for as
their future and what they are planning to do.
A time when they look at themselves in a whole new kind of light.
Some already have jobs, some will begin college, and some will stay home
with their brothers and sisters just so they can continue to fuss and fight.
Before all the serious stuff begins they will have their time to just inhale and breath.
A time to kick up their heels, let down their hair and enjoy themselves before
turning over a new leaf.
Life for each one of them to be considered an adult has finally arrived.
They will be faced with many new decisions and they will see many different things.
They may experiment or resist temptation to new ideas in which they’ve never tried.
They will build their reputation as they become younger versions of their mom or dad.
They will become their own boss.
They will realize they are responsible for their own actions both good and bad.
I just hope and pray that all the seniors everywhere has at least been told about Jesus
Christ and that he loves everyone of them with all his heart.
If one of our seniors ever feels like giving up, i hope they remember this poem and know
it is never too late to receive Salvation and make a new start.
May they each one take Jesus with them no matter where they may go.
For he will be their comforter, their rock and the best friend they will ever know.

School days all the Golden Rule Days

Do we honestly believe this world is a better place?
I am not talking about materialistic things, technology but
“The Human Race”.
I am writing about the conduct that is going on in our elementary,
middle schools and high schools.
I realize i am old fashion and a lot of the things when i was in school
is no longer thought about today, much less done.
But i never, ever, remember bullying being so bad nor did anyone ever go
into any school shooting a gun.
A mother lost her only son because he had been bullied and was afraid to tell.
I say build a jail onto the school and put these bullies in a 4x5 cell!
Since when did our society start celebrating one for being wrong and punishing
one for being right?
Now days you can see the kids as they post themselves laughing and cheering on a fight.
If a student calls a teacher a bad name, right then send him or her home.
Maybe their parents will wash their mouth out with soap and then have them
apologize (in person) and not on the phone!
If a teacher has to speak to a child in a stern voice, should the teacher be
wrote up for being unkind?
I don’t think so...... put paddles back in schools and bust their behinds!
Of course if you have a child that is taught to respect authority then you
have absolutely nothing to worry about.
For those who don’t, let them get mad, let them pout.
A little 8 year old that laid on a school floor with a concussion
from bullying committed suicide!
Now, do you suppose DSS showed up at his funeral and cried?
What has happened to the discipline like they had when i was a kid?
The good students did not pay for what we called back then,the punks did!
As for as DSS , let them come a be a teacher for one day.
I suppose i would have to be locked up, because when it comes to teaching a child
we could use a lot more of discipline handled the old fashion way.

A Mother

A mother gives her child more than she ever gives to herself.
She will give and give until nothing is left.
She works her fingers to the bone to keep clothes on her child’s back,
and shoes on their feet.
When her child is sick she takes them to the doctor, she cooks their
meals, washes their clothes and has very little time to be loving and sweet.
A mother sees her child’s homework is always done and provides lunch
money for school.
She is always there in a time of need and for her child there is nothing
she would not do.
Even if her son or daughter goes to jail, she is the first one there to
bail them out.
She stands proudly by her child and her love has no limits, not even a doubt.
So children once you have grown up, remember your mother owes you nothing ,
so treat her with respect and thank her for all she has done.
For when it comes to “A Mother” you only have one.


I suppose one of the most ironic things in the world that no one on earth
can do anything about is time.
The side effects of time are a constant change that has no feelings what so ever .
It can drive you crazy, it can heal wounds and it is exactly what you get for a crime.
In a time of happiness it seems to fly by yet in a time of sadness the hands of time
seem as if they crawl and are never going to end.
Time allows history to repeat itself over and over again when it comes to whatever
is in style, a tradition or maybe a trend.
It can fool us into thinking we have met the love of our life.
Then as time keeps moving, bringing changes every single day,
The perfect couple becomes someone’s ex husband and someone’s ex wife.
You can never ever tell what time is going to do.
So never look at others and tell yourself , that could never happen to You!
Time allows itself to arrive early everyday and leave late every night, it just depends
on how you want to live by the clock.
It can turn the not so pretty little girl in the 1st grade, into a top model or Miss USA.
It can also turn Miss USA into a crippling old lady with dementia and hair of gray.
Time can be cruel or time can actually be on ones side.
It can make a memory in just seconds yet it can take years for a bad one to fade.
We have no control over time, yet we can choose how we prefer to use it as far as
our accomplishments and our mistakes.
Every human on this earth can face success and failure as time marches on.
Weather spontaneous, or a procrastinator, it has no scales on the amount you take.
Time, time, time, oh what a mystery it is, and one that only God in heaven can ever

Angels or Demons

There are two great powers that can capture the hearts
of any woman or man.
One being the highest "God" and the other being under him
the "devil" and they both have a plan.
God has angel's that protect us and watch over us everyday
no matter where we go.
While the devil has demon's that lead us into temptation and
strives constantly to suduce our souls.
Angels show compassion, they are merciful, they are kind.
While the demons play in darkness to decieve and destroy
not just the body but more so the mind.
To please God we are to pick up our cross and follow him.
To please the devil we just remain in the flesh and his pickens
are never slim.
He places rose colored glasses over our eyes.
He conviences us, if it feels good do it!
As we willingly fall for lie after lie.
He entices us with money, sex and other lustful things.
The results we never see because we are so smitten
by all the excitement he brings.
His demons work hard for him and they come around in
many diffrent forms.
Never will you see the devil nor his demons appear
with a pitchfork and horns.
Some are human on the outside just like you and me.
And always attractive or beautiful so be very careful
and take notice in who you see.
God allows the devil to roam free,
because in our weekness we gain strenght and find opportunities.
He already knows who will be with him in glory and who
will reside with the devil in his firey hell.
For as us on this earth, just look at the fruit one tree bares
for is diffrence between Angels and Demons that hard to tell?

My Loved Ones

I realize as i grow older, no matter how much i try to stop the hands of time,
when it comes to death only God can determine ones farewell goodbye.
Some pass away very young, some live to be very old.
We keep a piece of them in our hearts at all times.
As we see the kaleidoscope of their memories in our head unfold.
I know not what the future holds as for as my health and when i may go.
But i do know whatever happens there is one thing i want my loved ones to know.
If my breathing worsens and you must watch me struggle for air,
take it to the cross my loved ones,
and leave it there.
If my thinking becomes senile and confusion becomes the author of my mind,
take it to the cross my loved ones.
For only there true peace and understanding you will find.
If my eyesight grows dim and i no longer can see,
take it to the cross my loved ones.
Then trust in God that his will be done for it is he who has dominion over me.
I may never face suffering, i may pass peacefully and quietly in my bed.
Whichever comes take it to the cross my loved ones,
and please don’t grieve but be happy for me instead.
Remember Christ died hanging on the cross to give eternal life for all
not just you and i.
Remember he suffered unlike any other my loved ones.
So who am i to expect any less when i die?
I know my loved ones, it will be hard.
a wife and a mother is such a great loss.
But remember, when you think your load is too heavy to bare,
take it to the cross my loved ones.
Your hurt will heal in time, and when you come to heaven i will see you there!

A man with much

We meet that one person and feel as if ‘destiny’ brought us together, or maybe
we see it as nothing more than ‘fate’.
We marry settle down and begin this life long journey of buying a home together,
talking about how many kids we will have and if they will look like ourself , or our mate.
We have children and they seem to complete our family circle and the journey goes on.
One looks like daddy, the other like ma,ma and we discuss how we will plan for
their future until they are grown.
Hubby has a great job with a high ranked position, ma,ma keeps herself in great shape at
the gym, while daughter is a cheerleader and the son is the captain of the football team.
No doubt this family is living the american dream.
Each member of this family is proud of the accomplishments they think they are making on their own.
However when in reality everything we have and own we owe to one with a much greater
authority than man alone.
The human flesh enjoys popularity, being recognized and of course success.
Some that live this lifestyle see it as nothing more than the life they deserve.
Pride and prestige go together, yet often blind the eyes of one so blessed.
God is the only one in complete control.
Most folks i have ever heard give their testimony on “a great life” tell how the Lord takes
much, otherwise he will remain just a story instead of one they know.
When life is easy, as it has been sung, we are on the mountain and when one is on the
mountain it is hard to understand one who is going through the valley below.
Remember in scripture (Matt 19:16) where the man with much, ask Jesus,
what must i do to follow you?
Jesus replied, sell all your possessions to the poor.
This is what he was told to do.
Yet his pride and assets meant so much to him, he did not go.
Are you one on the mountain top that would be willing to give it up for our Lord?
You may be surprised at the humbleness and love you discover when in the valley below.

One Man Said

One man said to the other....
That Jones boy down the road is crazy,
he lies, he cheats, he is out of his mind.
All I know is,
 what time I have seen him
he has been nothing but polite and kind.
One man said to the other....
Yep, that is Mrs.Wilsons old man
he can't stay sober for even a day.
All I know is,
 last time I saw him
he was straight as a stick and balin hay.
One man said to the other....
That Collins fella is useless and lazy,
he wouldn't strike a lick at a snake.
All I know is,
 I talked to him last week at
McDonalds while he was on his lunch break.
One man said to the other....
Thats the one that stoled ole Bradleys wife.
All I know is,
 the woman I seen him with at the diner
is the same one he has had all his life.
One man said to the other....
Who? Oh that is Mr.Moores son,
he dont go to church, he dont live for God, he is a lost man.
All I know is,
 when I passed his house last week
he was sitting on his porch with a Bible in his hand.
One man said to the other....
That Cylde, he is a pillar of the community.
He tites to the church, he is a deacon, and Cheif of Police too!
All I know is ,
he is when he stopped me for speedin on tuesday
he said instead of a ticket little lady, a kiss or a date will do.
One Man can always  say to the other how he believes someone my be.
Alll I know is,
I form my opinion according to how others treat me.


Have you ever gave much thought to the people
and things that inspire you the most?
A song, words from a special friend, a book or
maybe a facebook post?
We all like to feel inspired in some kind of way.
I have noticed before how something as simple as
a smile can brighten my day.
And for me personally, i enjoy listening to most all
of "The Crabb Family" songs.
They always put me in a good mood, a thankful
mood and before i know it i am singing along.
Although they sing of our Lord and heaven would it be
fair to say they never sin nor they never do any wrong?
At a young age i remember i put certain people on
a pedestal and saw them as being much more Godly
than i.
But the truth is, they do get frustrated, aggervated,they
even get depressed and yes they cry.
Inspirational people i am sure strive to live for Christ the
very best way they can.
Yet they will fall, they will stumble and sin because for
now they live in the flesh as man.
I know without a doubt  i am saved but i know too it
seems as though i constantly sin.
Always in a struggle with satan and asking the Lord for
forgiveness for the times i've let him win.
I am so greatful for those we have to turn too for inspiration
and hope when we get down and feel so alone.
But may i remember too we aren't perfect and without grace
we are nothing on our own.
Everybody that inspires has battles to fight and mountains
to climb reguardless of what our Lord has them do.
So never feel belittled nor never put one above all others.
For someone somewhere is either insulted or inspired by you.

The Cross

If it were'nt for the cross,
where would this world be?
If there were no blood shed,
there would be no Heaven for you or me.
Without Jesus have being crucified
there would be no forgivness unto men.
Each of us in the flesh would remain in darkness,
lost, forgotten and filled with sin.
A meaningless exsistence with no relief in sight.
A world full of darkness with no hope of the way,
the truth, and the light.
No need for repentance on bending knees.
No escape from bondage.
Nowhere could we turn, to be set free.
Tossing around the battles that rage in our mind.
Searching for fullfillment yet,
only guilt and regret is all we would find.
No answers to give comfort from the scriptures
we hold on to that we have either
read or have heard.
The Bible would not exsist and Faith
would only be a five letter word.
So may I always remember the true idenity that
represents every cross I see.
How God gave his only son to die
to save a wretch like me.

Our Easter Resurrection

Death can be a very devastating experience
for us all.
Weather it is something we see coming, or if it's instant.
It is never easy to give one up when God makes that call.
No matter the reason i believe the word dying is a pretty scary thing.
Yet God tells us when we loose someone we love and
they go to meet him, his praises we should sing.
God's son Jesus had to be crucified and for 9 hours he
suffered endless pain and his blood shed was for all men.
So that anyone who is born again is forgiven of past, present, and future sin.
When Christ arose on the third day his death was no longer a loss.
God knew in the beginning how everything would play out.
It was for us brothers and sisters that Jesus hung on that cross.
Through the shedding of his blood and by his stripes
we are healed.
When any lost soul repents and believes in Jesus Christ they are forever sealed.
When giving your life to Jesus, nothing can pluck you
from the palm of his hand.
Your soul is forever changed from the carnal flesh of man.
So when Easter morning comes remember it was on this day many, many years ago when the tomb was found empty
and the rock had rolled away.
Easter is not just about Peter Cotton Tail, jelly beans, dying eggs and having fun.
May we remember what this Holiday truly means and give Jesus Christ the glory before our day is done.


As I tossed the white hard boiled egg over
and over in the cup of dye,
the pastel colors came to life
right before my eyes.
The pink was so soft, it reminded me of
my new grandbaby girl.
The soft yellows reminded me of my mother.
She always loved those off white pearls.
Then there was the cool mint green.
As I thought of those rolling hills i rode my horse on
back when I was in my teens.
Oh, and that lavender is one of my most favorites of all.
It brought back memories of a real pretty dress i wore
to church once for a sunrise service if I recall.
As i got lost and carried away by all the pretty colors
something suddenly came over me.
As i looked into the cup of pink dye
it was as if deep red was all i could see.
Then the true meaning of Easter engulfed my mind.
As I began to think of Christ.
I went back over 2000 years ago in time.
I pictured him hanging on that old rugged cross.
I thought of all the pain he endured as his
mother knelt before him and greived her great loss.
He suffered and died to save our souls from sin.
But on that third day "He rose" from the tomb and
once again it was empty like it had always been.
Jesus was alive.
The stone was rolled away.
His great resurection is why once every year
we celebrate"Easter"day.
Its fine to dye eggs and have some fun.
But remember the most important thing is to
thank our Heavenly Father for sending us his son.

Bring it on

Often I have wondered when I feel my best
why is it Satan just tries to bring me down?
I got news for him,
I know without a doubt I am saved and Heaven bound.
Somedays I may be on fire for our Lord,
then some days I may only be a flame.
But I refuse to let Satan win the battle.
I will rebuke him in Jesus name.
On this earth,
perfect I will never be.
However when I get to Heaven
there won't be a thing wrong with me.
For now ,
I may stumble and at times I may fall .
Even the disciples faced failure,
not just one or two, but all.
So reguardless of what may come my way,
i will hold on to my faith ,
forget my past, not worry of tomarrow,but live for today.
The armor of God,
 I will do my best to wear.
At times it will be heavy but God has said
he will never allow more, than I can bare.
So Satan I'am ready,
bring it on.
Someday I will trade this armor for my halo
when I get home.

Side effects of Sin

It seems in today’s world there is so much evil lurking around.
No matter how hard we try we can not escape the ripple effect
that comes trickling down.
Our prisons are filled killers, thieves, child molesters and the list
goes on.
It has gotten to the point that even our children can’t play outside by
themselves in their yard at their own homes.
I use to wonder when i was younger why one animal would kill another.
Like an alligator will snatch a Water Buffalo or it’s calf, or how a lion will run
down the slowest elk, when in all reality one will face starvation if not the other!
Why must bad things happen to good people and why do little babies have to die?
I suppose Adam God’s first man of the flesh, was also the first to question why?
God gave man a beautiful garden with everything he, his woman and even all
the animals could ever desire.
Yet there came along a snake that convinced Eve of something ever more beautiful.
This snake was Satan who fooled her by making himself into a liar.
At that moment of betrayal was when the world became filled with sin.
As our world populates, sin grows and that is how it’s always been.
The sin in man today is the same sin that lived in man and beast back then.
There has always been the murderer, the molester, the thief and so on.
Men and women prefer to still listen to the snake because his lies appear much
more desirable than the Truth spoken by a God they’ve never known.
Sin is taking over the whole world in the most devastating kinds of way.
Little children and babies in Syria on t.v. gasping for their last breath!
Thanks be to our God for they are now with him today.
People get ready, red, yellow, black and white!
Trump may fight off the sickos and the cyco’s but he will never stop the sin.
Someday there will be a great war and God will be the King in Command.
If you’re not a soldier in his Army, there’s no chance a soldier of a snake will ever win!

Never Give Up

When some days have you feeling sad and blue
"never give up"
seek God and give to him whatever it is troubling you. Psalm9:10
When darkness comes calling on your hearts door,
"never give up"
ask God to reveal his light like never before.                  Psalm18:28
When money is tight and the bill collectors are waiting in line
"never give up"
pray and he will supply your every need right on time.   Psalm27:14
When your body gets tired from the burdens you must carry each day
"never give up"
call upon God to lighten the load and show you the way. Pslam30:2
Does life appear hopeless because you have been left with a broken heart?
"never give up"
ask God will he mend it back together and show you a new start.  Pslam30:11
Have you been emotionally or physically abused so deep
that you wish you could die?
"never give up"
God always loves and understands without asking why.  Psalm31:3,4 & 5
Have you ever had a problem with no solutions as to what you will do?
"never give up"
seek Gods guidence and ask him to reveal the plans he has for you. Psalm31:9
No matter what you may be facing or what your diffficulties may be,
"never give up"
It's always in my weakest moments he gives me strenght and reveals his love for me.
                                                                                            John 8:31

Some People

I don’t believe i have ever written to much if any on “People,”
but i feel the need to vent because just about everything i hear
and most of what i see really frustrates me.
Seems as if all this world is coming too is so many people wanting to
be heard!
People will make a comment about everything weather it be a
supermodel, a mother, the U.S. President, or a high school nerd!
So many people want to be in everybody’s business but their own.
They gossip, spread rumors and talk about people they personally
have never known.
Opinions are only one telling others how they view a certain subject
or a certain situation.
I honestly believe when one puts others down and is always critical of others
they feel better about themselves so the need to condemn becomes an obligation.
Who really cares what movie stars get a divorce, who really wholeheartedly cares
if the sunday school teachers daughter is pregnant, or a school principal gets a DUI ?
Instead of insulting someone remember the times you have been forgiven?
Giving away kindness is so rewarding to one’s own soul when they try.
Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has regrets but at the end of the day
what matters is who we showed compassion too, who we tried to help, who we
encouraged and who we told about Jesus, along the way.
Drama for me causes anxiety not to mention stress.
Every morning we awake and open our eyes, do we take the time to say,
thank You Lord, for this day i am truly blessed?

King Kong

I believe when it comes to how we view ourselves we look at “self” as being
pretty smart, educated, and if still young, probably healthy and strong.
We plan our course in life as to where we want to go.
We make our own decisions, and we separate our rights from our wrongs.
Men are born tuff, and some women learn to be tuff.
No matter who we are , the amount of credit we give ourselves is more than enough.
Men have always been the strong, the brave and courageous ones that have no fear.
Especially if a double barrel 12 gauge or 45 is near.
But if you are reading this, stop and imagine from out of nowhere, right this second
King Kong appears!
I would say this gorilla could bring even the biggest, baddest man to tears!
In the movies no “one” man with the most powerful weapon could bring him down.
Can you imagine how scary this would be in real life to have such beast as King Kong
He sweeps you up and you and him are face to face.
Your neighbors, your best friends and some of your own family have been
torn apart and thrown all over the place.
Weather it is night, early in the morning or in the afternoon there is no one
who can save you from this life of fear.
Although this is just a movie, there will be unknown horror like never before for all unbelievers when Christ returns here.
There will be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide as the moon turns blood red and
the stars fall from the sky.
During the final revelation the sinners will beg for the mountains and rocks to fall
upon them but God will not hear their cry.
Every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess.
What could be more scary for any man or woman than being unprepared to die?
To verify in scripture, Revelation 6:12, 6:13, 6:16, 22:5 - Romans 14:11


I woke up this morning with my mind racing wild as i thought
about all the things i had to do.
If i get started right now, chances are at 8:00 tonight i still won’t be through.
Phones calls to make, bills to pay and places i have to go.
As my blood pressure rises, my feelings of anxiety and frustration begin to show.
I remind myself of one of those little hampster’s in a wheel going fast as i can
but ending up no where.
My coffee’s cold, mana-pause is in full bloom , i haven’t even brushed my teeth
much less my hair.
I have managed to create my own hugh bubble of stress!
If anyone seen me right now, especially my friends they would say girl,
you ain’t nothin but a hot mess!
Then as always, just when i feel so fed up, my Lord calmly whispers,
why are you making this day so much harder than it has to be?
You know you would be much more at peace and ready to conquer the world
had you only talked with me.
Remember my child, there is no room for me when all you think about is you.
I am here every morning to listen to your prayers and help you learn in my word.
Is making time for me really that hard to do?
Not you but “I” can fill your heart with joy each morning and give you the assurance
you desperately need.
Remember which one of us is it that loose’s contact?
May i suggest you forget about “I” and remember “ME” !


I suppose we all have planted seeds of regret and can understand
the words “You shall reap what you sow”.
Weather it is seeds planted intentionally or merely by mistake,
one thing is for certain only ourselves and the good Lord knows.
Some seeds we inherit that trickle down from our family tree.
Sickness, beauty, money, talents, and many more.
Just so happens i have had a few that i wish could have been ignored.
I know i have heard other folks speak of children being from a bad egg
or saying “yep, they come from a bad seed”.
The sad thing is not all children are disciplined and taught about Jesus
Christ and his love that they desperately need.
Even some of the best parents in the world can have five or six kids
and one or two of them will be in trouble until the day they die.
I suppose this is just one of life’s mysteries and i often ask myself why?
I do believe from childhood to adulthood we are constantly planting seeds.
Unlike a beautiful flower our seeds are made of human ingredients called
choices and decisions which can be good or bad indeed.
Weather we are born of a silver spoon or dirt poor our seeds in many ways
are all the same.
While one man wears an orange jumpsuit all day, one man wears a suit and tie.
One chose to harvest a crop, the other chose to release his anger and pain.
But our seeds of sin can be whiter than snow if their washed in the blood
of the lamb only and no other.
Either way when we go to our eternal home we won’t be alone.
The choice is up to self , so choose wisely my sister’s and brother’s. Matt 13: 1-9


Oh Lord, how often i have failed to trust in you and i have
allow my flesh to take control.
I believe at times i thought your way would be too hard or maybe
your answer would be something i just as soon not know.
A man made mixture of pride, independence, and selfishness were
the ingredients i used for the many roads i paved.
The very one i have to walk down every day that reminds me of
the regrets and mistakes i once made.
Inconsiderate of your Love and all the blessings you have given me
and still give me along the way.
Though at times i may stumble but father i do believe and i will see you
in Heaven someday.
I received your Salvation many years ago.
Yet i still seek forgiveness and forgiven i am because your word
has told me so.
I realize today more than ever how many times you carried me
when i could barely walk on my own.
In my darkest of dark moments your presence was always there
to help me alone.
Today my Lord i just want to say Thank You for loving me, never
giving up on me and teaching me without you i could never make it on my own.


As I stand at the crossroads, i am looking at all the diffrent ways I can go.
To my left is Satan Lane, to my right is Gods Freeway and
the one behind and ahead of me is Confusion Road.
I know I dont want to turn around and go where I've already been.
I have seen skidmarks, speedbumps, and numorous dead ends.
If I go straight ahead my map shows me the signs of  Disobeident Drive,
Wondering Way and Searching Hill.
So behind and in front of me neither one of these seem to be of any thrill.
Then to my left "Satans Lane" sounds adventurous!
I see Fun Street, Party Pravillion, Dark Alley,and somekind of drop off
called Hells Hole.
Sounds kinda interesting, yet if I follow this road it is all downhill and
i may get decieved and disoriented and forget where i should go.
It does say on the map it is a permanant trip that leads to a huge pit that is filled with fire and stone.
A devine misception of permanent suffering and torment from that moment on.
Satans Lane never ends, yet it shows the one thing you dont have to fear and that is
you won't be alone.
Then to my right i see Gods Freeway.
My map shows me many beatiful sites to see.
I can tell by the street names that this trip would be amazing for me.
I see Peaceful Paradise, Content Circle, Cleansing Court and the never ending city
it leads me to is" Heaven Bound".
There is some rough terrain i see on the way to this beatiful undescribable land.
Potholes of persucution, road blocks of rejection and numerous tunnels of trails and temptations.
Yet in between i see several rest areas and gas stations.
The rest areas shown are Faith, Hope, and Prayer,when i am in need of a rest.
I will never make this trip if i dont follow instructions and do my best.
The gas stations along the way offer fuel from the Holy Spirit to fill my tank.
Also there is fresh Living Water offered for thrist , that only requires one drank!
There is no gravy train ride nor shortcut to this beatiful place,
yet there are road markers written in Red and covered in Grace.
This perticular destination is a trip that is offered to all.
When you stand at the crossroads think twice about your decision
for you and you alone will make this call.
I advise all to look for the Truth and follow the Light.
The most important choice you will ever make on this earth,
is to turn "Right".


We hear it all the time, “Identity Theft” it comes up in conversations,
we read it in the paper and we hear it on the news.
However i am going through an unusual change as for as “identity” is concerned.
I don’t understand it, i can’t explain it yet when it comes to God i know there will
be some kind of lesson learned.
For as myself, i have always loved animals, the country and the “Cowgirl Way”.
But now this hard headed determined lady seems to be getting soft these days.
Is it because of age or is God slowly getting rid of these fleshly traits in my
DNA that i have lived with everyday?
I know he demands change.
All i know to do is just be still and wait on him to show me the way.
Instead of putting beautiful horses, Ford trucks and big dogs first,
if i truly love Christ then it is he who others should see in me.
Not the person i use to be.
Maybe if someone else is going through this identity thing they can find
comfort in these words that i write.
When it comes to change no one wants to accept it without a fight.
But here i am Lord , may i be patient and wait for you to change me
into the woman you know i can be.
I will give up my old identity and put God first so that his ways shall be
transformed in me.

Valentine’s Day

Oh those memories of spelling out all the names of my friends
when i was in elementary school.
As i sat at our kitchen table going through all my Valentine cards.
i remember picking out my favorite for that cute little boy i knew.
Then as i grew, everything around me grew and changed as well.
From little paper cards, to a box of chocolates, to beautiful red roses.
Once any woman receives fresh flowers they never forget the smell.
Valentine’s Day is a day to remind your sweetheart just how special
they are and how much you love them so.
Wonder if Jesus had a Valentine’s Day how different it would be
from this tradition we all know?
He may say......
Instead of a card, a box of chocolates or flowers for your someone
special , do something for someone you’ve never met.
If you are lead by my spirit you will touch ones heart in a way
they will never forget.
Show love to a total stranger on this Valentines day.
Just leave it to Jesus and he will guide the way.
If we would only love like he does we would express our love daily instead
of making such a big deal on this certain day.
Can you imagine how the divorce rate would drop, how families would come together,
enemies would forgive and strangers draw near?
May we all remember to follow our heart and spread some love wherever we go.
It could be when meeting a stranger you are entertaining an angel.
You never know !!!!!!
Happy Valentines Day!

Finding Hope

I do realize Lord, i don’t have a bad life,
i’am just having a bad day!
These times will come around but i refuse to let Satan
stand in my way!
Depression once claimed my identity and completely
robbed me of any type of happiness at all.
How one escapes its hold can seem impossible.
I was in isolation and lived within my own prison walls.
Nothing in this world i was trying would make it go away.
I felt so hopeless, so alone and hated living day after day.
Only one, and i mean “one” source can make it disappear.
That is to ask Jesus Christ into your heart.
He only hears those who are honest and sincere.
To realize the need and the want to change is the easy part.
Living for the Lord a 100% and being persistent to him day in
and day out is a growing process.
Just for the day, there is hope, read his word, pray, ask for
knowledge and thank him because you are blessed.
God usually doesn’t give me deliverance right away.
He knows that in my time of waiting i learn to trust him and
and renew my faith day by day.
If you are struggling with depression then i assure you if you really
want a cure you must do your part and allow him to do the rest.
Medication does help but with God in it i guarantee your results
will be the best.
No one has to be a partner to depression because there is hope and
we all have a choice.
May whomever reads this know, be still ,be delivered and wait
to hear Gods voice.


Suppose you were taking a trip and the only way
to get there was by plane.
With only mintues left the engine stalls the 747
goes down and burst into flames.
Suppose you and your spouse are taking a romantic
Caribbean Cruise.
Miles on out the vessel begans to slowly sink and you
hear the cries of passengers afraid and confused.
Or suppose you and your friend decide to take a trip and
you both want to do so by train.
After hours of riding you are awaken by the sound of breaks screaching,
sparks flying,to learn the locomotive jumped the track in the pouring rain.
Just suppose you take a trip like one of these above and something
this devastating actually happens,
what do you do?
All the people die except for one survivor and you.
The crash of the plane has debris scattered for miles around.
The ship that sunk happened at midnight and it's hard to tell
if any more than two survivors will be found.
And the train wreck, with all the bad weather it's hard to see
if anyone is alive.
You lay there helpless and afraid in hopes that soon
help will arrive.
Either case to experience such an event would definately
change the person you are.
Scared and in shock,
the pain already severe by far.
Mintues feel like hours, hours feel like days
and days feel like weeks.
Wondering if anyone will ever find you, you begin to pray
and then you hear someone speak.
The only survivor other than youself just happens to be
the worst enemy you have ever had.
Though you can not stand them, knowing they are there
in some strange way makes you glad.
You both were allowed just the amount of time
you both need so.
Before the EMS placed you on a stretcher
and the time has came for you to go.
You said you were a christian but God said,
he won't forgive us unless we forgive others.
A plane crash, a sunken ship, a train wreck or whatever it takes
God will make a way for us to learn to forgive one another.
He know's what we need more than we can ever know.
May we all be more selfconscience, admit our faults, hold no gruges so
that whatever stands between ourselves and Christ "we let it go".

Living to Die

I have had thoughts of when my time will come to die.
Will i get Cancer, be in a bad car crash,or will my heart
just stop beating without any reason why?
I know we often can receive warnings as far as our health
is concerned.
But for as scoring any points to stay on this earth there is
no “game of life” we can play where brownie points are earned.
We become sick or disabled we then want to take care of
our bodies in hopes we will live longer.
We then follow strict diets, exercise and we feel not only better
but much healthier and stronger.
Dying is the last “subject” on our mind.
But if the truth be told no matter how hard we strive to live
we are actually on God’s time.
Ever thought about how some folks smoke 3 packs of cigarettes
a day and are still going strong at 80 years old?
And how some have died with a heart attack at 25 after being in
the Olympics and bringing home the gold?
No matter our sex, age or race we can be taken instantly
out of this world when it’s our time to go.
There are only two choices as to where we shall spend eternity.
My choice is Heaven for this i know.
Every second of every day somewhere God has his angel of death
to knock upon someones door.
If he knocks today on yours which is it Heaven or Hell
that you long for more?


Life, up until the last couple of years has been a fast running train out of control.
Giving into my flesh and then asking God for his forgiveness for my actions
and my way of thinking to not only myself but to those i know.
However i can now say there has since then been a great lesson learned.
The people i hung around, my influences was probabaly the one thing that
was going to either make me better or worse for as my christian faith was concerned.
A person wanting to serve God in their heart, must have a deep desire and alot of determanation in a world as the one we live in today.
So many please the flesh and never give any thought to what Gods word has to say.
I have never thought any person was better than another, but i do believe
one mans desire can be of a higher virtue than the other.
Just as two sons, one decides he wants to open a bar and one serve God.
Does this mean one brother is better than another brother?
I won’t judge it ,but i do have to look at it as to what is best for me.
Now days i would choose to be influenced by the Godly brother.
But i will never forget the brother with the bar is where i once chose to be.
In a bar i have heard the talk and i know the type of folks that like to go.
Are they bad people, of course not .
Every saint was a sinner and every sinner has a future , don’t you know?
But the type of influence i need is that of Gods true believers for they love to inspire.
They offer hope, faith and love.
They take us by the hand and walk with us through the fire.
The concequences from it are a life filled with peace and joy instead of
guilt, regrets and shame.
They are those typical hypocrites everywhere.
But when your influenced by a real christian your life will never be the same.

Levi and Luke

Mrs. Logan had tried and tried to think of some way to teach her two sons
the importance of responsibility for their own good.
After losing her husband, Mrs.Logan knew she had to play mother and dad
the best way she possibly could.
So she decided to get the ten and eleven year old boys each a puppy of their own.
It would be their responsibility to feed and water their pup daily.
They too would make sure to bath them and keep fresh shavings in their homes.
Both boys were excited the day they adopted their furry friends as they pondered
over and over before deciding on their names.
Luke was a real trooper when it came to his gold retriever Chase.
However Levi and his shaggy gray terrier “Reggie” moved at a much slower pace.
Luke worked with his dog everyday after school rain or shine.
He understood one of the greatest gifts he could give was his time.
Levi watered and fed his dog but for as showing any interest or desire in getting
to know Reggie it was something he never cared to do.
I felt for them both the dog and the boy.
Had only Levi took some time he would have discovered a tremendous amount of
self worth, happiness and joy.
I watched before my very eyes the difference in the two boys and their dogs
as it reminded me of someone i once knew.
I thought about where i was with Christ not so long ago and i am sad to say
unlike Luke, i was more like Levi.
I said my prayers, went to church and paid my tithes.
Yet it was the bond with Jesus Christ i was lacking as for as what i needed to do.
God wanted me to get to know him, spend time with him.
And most of all he wanted me to have a desire instead of a “have too”.
In our walk with Jesus Christ we will never be all he wants us to be until we have
a desire for him with all our heart.
He is just waiting on us for the adoption process,
because he has already done his part.

Every Little Girl

Mary lived off a narrow dirt road just behind Collins General Store.
She shared her home with her parents and her three brothers.
Mary being the only girl craved attention from her dad so much more.
He was a hard worker and somewhat of a provider but a selfish man.
Why her dad stayed gone a lot was something Mary could not understand.
All weekend he would be gone to visit with the locals at Freddy’s Bar.
I don’t believe the man ever outgrew a bottle of whiskey, a pretty woman
or a fast car.
As for as Mary spending quality time with her daddy that was a time that
never came around.
Their mother did all she could but the things a daddy gives his daughter are the
things that only through a dad can be found.
He becomes her protector, he gives her security, he provides for her , he tells
her she is beautiful and he does so much more because he loves her so.
Without it most young girls spend a lifetime searching for that certain kind of
attention that they never got to experience or never got to know.
The funny thing is Mary ended up marrying a man that acts just like
her Dad.
A life of drinking, cheating and even abuse was pretty normal for her.
To never have known any different is what makes this situation so sad.
Plus it has a ripple effect that continues on.
Chances are very likely that Mary’s daughter will marry the same type
of man once she is grown.
Hopefully in this new year of 2017 daddy’s everywhere will realize they
are their daughters protector, hero and even her Prince on a white horse.
Then once she is grown she will then long to marry her protector, her
hero and her Prince, just like her Daddy of course!